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Ken Kern was a builder and author who devoted himself to aiding owner-builders, and believed strongly in living on the land. He lived outside of North Fork, California at the time of his death and lived for many years on a self-built homestead outside Oakhurst, California[1][2]

Despite being an experienced builder and proponent of earth sheltering, Kern was killed when an earth roof he designed collapsed on him.[3]

Written works[edit]

Writings by Kern include:

  • The Owner-Built Home
  • The Owner-Built Homestead
  • The Owner-Built Pole Frame House
  • The Earth Sheltered Owner-Built Home
  • The Owner Builder & the Code: Politics of Building
  • The Work Book: Personal Politics of Building Your Home
  • The Healthy House: An Owner-Builders Guide to Biological Building
  • Ken Kern's Homestead Workshop
  • Ken Kern's Stone Masonry
  • Ken Kern's Masonry Stove
  • Fireplaces


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