Ken Kifer

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Ken Kifer
Kifer on a tour in 2003
BornOctober 23, 1945
DiedSeptember 14, 2003 (2003-09-15) (aged 57)
OccupationEnglish instructor
Known forCycling, Walden

Ken Kifer (October 23, 1945 – September 14, 2003) was an American writer, bicyclist and webmaster. Kifer was a Walden scholar[1] and admirer of Henry David Thoreau, and wrote Analysis and Notes on Walden. His website is still a source of information on bicycling and especially bicycle touring.[2]

Kifer was killed by a drunk driver in September 2003 while riding his bicycle 6 miles (9.7 km) from his home near Scottsboro, Alabama, USA.[3]


Kifer was born in Pittsburgh to Paul and Dorothy Kifer and moved to Gadsden, Alabama in 1954. He attended Jacksonville State University and was a fan of caving.[4] A keen cyclist, Kifer went on many long and short tours many of which he chronicled on his website,[5] and several that he did not, including one to the west coast of the United States that took him through Montana.[6]


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