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Ken Rinciari (1935–2010) was an illustrator at The New York Times, The New York Review of Books and other print publications. He was also a photographer and author of children's books and limited edition volumes of other books and stories.

Drawings have appeared in[edit]

Periodicals - U.S. American Film, The Atlantic Monthly, California Monthly, Children's Digest, Connecticut, Cue, Esquire, Evergreen Revue, Harper's, Mademoiselle, The Nation, Nation's Business, Natural History, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, The Progressive, Saturday Review, San Francisco Focus, Scholastic, Sesame Street, The Smithsonian, Toronto Life, The Washingtonian, Western Humanities Revue, Wharton.

Periodicals - Netherlands Avenue, Haagse Post, Vrij Nederland, De Tijd, Zero.

Newspapers - U.S. New York Daily News, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post.

Children's Books Houghton Mifflen, MacMillan, Viking.

Animated Films - PBS,WNET TV animation for 'The 51st State.' N.Y., Richard William's Cinema animation for The Guardian Newspaper, London.

Recognition - Certificate of Excellence from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Citation for Merit from the Society of Illustrators.


  • Another Voice [1]
  • The Skin Spinners by Joan Aiken, illustration by Ken Rinciari
  • Whistle in the Graveyard by Ken Rinciari, Maria Leach
  • Happiness is a rat fink by Rochelle Davis, Ken Rinciari


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