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Ken Shakin (born 1959 in New York City) is a writer of underground transgressive fiction.[1]

"Love Sucks" was first published in 1997 by Gay Men's Press, a pioneer in LGBT fiction, and "The Cure For Sodomy" in 2006 by Haworth Press. "Grandma Gets Laid" (The Permanent Press 2008) was translated into Russian (Centrepolygraf 2009). Stories from "Real Men Ride Horses" (Gay Men's Press 1999) appear in the anthologies "All Boys Together" (Millivres-Prowler 2000) and "Latter Gay Saints" (Lethe Press 2013).

Shakin graduated from the Juilliard School in 1981 with a degree in piano.

Notes and references[edit]

"Shakin's darkly humorous and perverse works have earned him an underground following, largely because he flaunts every standard of decency." -Contemporary Authors


  • "Love Sucks" Gay Men's Press 1997, Lethe Press 2009
  • "Real Men Ride Horses" Gay Men's Press 1999, Lethe Press 2009[2]
  • "The Cure For Sodomy" Haworth Press 2006, Fanny Press 2010
  • "Grandma Gets Laid" The Permanent Press 2008[3]
  • "Thrillerotica" Damnation Books 2010
  • "Fucked: The Gay Lives of Straight Men" Lethe Press 2014[4]


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