Ken Shimizu

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Ken Shimizu
Born (1979-09-01) September 1, 1979 (age 38)[1]
Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Height 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight 60 kg (130 lb; 9.4 st)

Ken Shimizu (清水健, Shimizu Ken) who also uses the name Shimiken (しみけん) is a male adult video (AV) actor from Japan.

Life and career[edit]

Shimizu was born on September 1, 1979 and made his first appearance as a gravure model at 18 years old in the July 1998 issue of the Japanese gay men's magazine Buddy (Badi). His AV career began shortly afterward and by mid-2002 he was reported to have appeared in over 1200 adult videos.[2][3]

Shimizu was involved in the V&R Planning video T.A.B.U. Blonde Hair Girl's Hi-School 2 (t.A.B.u 金髪女学園2), released in July 2005 and directed by Temple Suwa. The story brings two Western (Hungarian) porn stars, Maya Gold and Monica, to Japan to "learn about Japanese culture and society" and incidentally to teach the Japanese boys about sex.[4][5] He also appeared in the "uncensored" video Sky Angel 27 starring Seri Iwasaki which was released by Sky High Entertainment in April 2006.[6]

Although Shimizu makes heterosexual adult movies, like fellow AV actor Yoshiya Minami, he is a popular figure in the gay community.[3] He and Minami appear together in a May, 2003 video from V&R Planning, Ecstasy: Venture (ECSTASY ~危険な香り~), with actresses Hitomi Shina and Mariko Kawana but in an unusual twist for Japanese porn the video box cover features Shimizu and Minami, not the actresses, and seems pointed toward a female (or gay) audience.[7][8] In an even more male-oriented project from November 2007 produced by Force Entertainment, CYBER EXSTASY, he appears in an anthology along with Japanese AV actor Natuya Togawa. The video excerpts scenes from the actors' heterosexual videos but dwells on the male body.[9]

Another possible example of the Japanese AV industry's new interest in women viewers is shown in the 2008 Adult Video Grandprix contest where Shimizu's video Shimiken's Private 7 FUCK (しみけんのプライベート7FUCK) won the Best Miscellaneous Video award.[10] The December 2007 video, produced by IdeaPocket and prominently displaying Shimizu clad only in briefs on the cover presents him having sex with seven AV Idols, Chihiro Hara, Mangetsu Sakuragawa, Nene, Kaede Akina, Natsuki Sugisaki, Yua Aida and Marin.[11] A second volume in the series, Shimiken's Private 7 FUCK 2 (しみけんのプライベート7FUCK 2), which also portrays his physique on the video box front cover was released in August 2008.[12]

One of Shimizu's interests is bodybuilding and in 2005 at the 13th Bodybuilding Championships in Tokyo, he placed 6th in the men's 60 kg class.[13]


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