Kenai (band)

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Origin Essex, UK
Genres Post-hardcore
Years active 2006–2010
Labels Redfield Records
Website Official website
Members Dan Lawrence
Tommy Eatherton
James Robinson
Joe Rossi
Kenny England
Tom Strike

Kenai was a 6-piece rock band from Essex. They recorded their first EP back in 2006 titled 'Ideas Are Bulletproof' which was self released, and helped them place a strong foothold in the Essex scene. It was not long before they had returned to the studio to record their second EP called 'At Mercy's Hand'. 'At Mercy's Hand' EP caught the attention of German-based record label Redfield Records who then went on to re-release the EP across Europe and Japan. Kenai have recently finished recording their debut album 'Hail The Escapist' with John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios in Reading, which has also seen the likes of Enter Shikari, Funeral For A Friend, Architects, You Me At Six, My Passion, Saving Aimee & The Blackout. The album is due for release in February 2010.


Kenai started out as four-piece covers band consisting of James Robinson, Joe Rossi, Jon Last and Ed Carmichael, who went by the name of 'Hope Against Hope'. When they went to record their debut EP, they decided to rename the band 'Kenai' to signify a change. When they got back from the studio they began playing local shows and realised they needed a stand-alone frontman for their live performances. Dan Lawrence and Kenny England soon joined the band to transform Kenai into a sextet; due to this addition the line-up Kenai had to go back and re-record all the vocals and insert synth into the 'Ideas Are Bulletproof' EP. A few months passed and a noticeable strain on the band had occurred among its members. They sought a replacement drummer for Ed which brought in the service of Tom Strike who was originally a member of 'Lunatic high', also from Essex. It was in 2007 that Kenai then went on to record 'At Mercy's Hand' in Neath, Wales. Everything appeared calm but on the same day both Kenny England and Jon Last decided to leave the band for unrelated reasons. Kenai brought Tommy Eatherton and Thomas Prescott (Synths) into the fold. Kenai went on to tour the UK off their own back, booking a three-week tour all over the UK which this earnt them a large base of new fans and increased their online popularity. The last change in the current line-up of the band was the re-introduction of Kenny England, which meant Thomas Prescott had to leave the band, but eventually went on to join German-based band 'Fire In The Attic'. The band have just released their debut single ' The Fall before the Finish' via digital download.

In May 2010, lead vocalist Dan Lawrence decided to call it a day as lead vocalist, with later on in the month the rest of Kenai decided to disband. Dan later went on to join Surrey based band All Forgotten as Lead vocalist with his first shows being Slam Dunk at the Purple Turtle Camden and the Strongbow stage at Sonisphere 2010. The band are set to release their eagerly anticipated first single 'Deadweight' with a music video to follow and numerous tour dates to be released. The rest of the ex Kenai members have done a complete 360 and formed a band called 'Hills and Valleys'. They have taken a giant step away from the old Kenai sound and now have a 'pop rock' sound which will have you bopping your head along to. Already playing support to Deaf Havana, the boys have more shows lined up and are set to do well.


Ideas Are Bulletproof (EP) (2006)
No. Title Length
1. "All That's Yours"  
2. "No-One Home"  
3. "Ideas Are Bulletproof"  
4. "Burning Lights"  
5. "One Word"  
At Mercy's Hand (EP) (2007 & 2008)
No. Title Length
1. "1964 (Intro)"  
2. "Ambulance Whispers"  
3. "Our Account"  
4. "The Six Hundred"  
5. "This Is Murder"  
6. "Tremors (Outro)"  
Closer Digital Release (2009)
No. Title Length
1. "Closer (Cover)"  
Hail The Escapist (2010)
No. Title Length
1. "They Survived, Only To Consume Each Other"  
2. "Hostages"  
3. "Rest Unassured"  
4. "Let Go"  
5. "Manhattan"  
6. "Bleed The Year"  
7. "The Fall Before The Finish"  
8. "Say What You Want"  
9. "Brothers, To Arms"  
10. "Everything We Had, We Gave"  

Shows & Touring[edit]

Kenai's most high profile tour to-date took place in March 2009, through Germany with A Day To Remember & For The Fallen Dreams, playing such venues as Essigfabrik, Cologne & Columbia Club, Berlin. After this they also went on to headline the West End Stage at Mach1 Festival along with the likes of Millencolin, Rage, Terror, Bloodhound Gang and lots more.


  • Dan Lawrence - Vocals
  • Tommy Eatherton - Guitar & Vocals
  • James Robsinson - Guitar
  • Joe Rossi - Bass & Vocals
  • Kenny England - Synth & Keys
  • Tom Strike - Drums