Kenelm Digby (of Stoke Dry)

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Kenelm Digby (c1518–1590) was an English MP and High Sheriff.

He was born in Stoke Dry (or Drystoke) in Rutland, the eldest son of Sir Everard Digby and Margery (née Heydon) Digby and educated at Brasenose College, Oxford and the Middle Temple. He should not be confused with Sir Kenelm Digby (1603–1665), also son of a Sir Everard Digby (executed for taking part in the Gunpowder Plot), of Buckinghamshire.

He was first elected to parliament as MP for Stamford in 1539. He was then appointed High Sheriff of Rutland in 1541.

He was returned as MP for Rutland (as senior knight of the shire) in successive parliamentary elections in 1545, 1547, 1553 (March) and 1553 (October), 1555, 1558, 1559, 1571, 1572 and 1584. He was also appointed High Sheriff of Rutland a further six times in 1549, 1553, 1561, 1567, 1575 and 1585. He wes custos rotulorum for Rutland from c.1559 until his death.

He died in 1590 at the age of 70 plus and was buried in the church at Stoke Dry where his effigy lies. He had married Anna Cope, the daughter of Sir Anthony Cope; they had three sons and six daughters.