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Kenichi Ito (伊藤 健一, いとう けんいち, Itō Ken'ichi) born 8 May 1982 is a Japanese athlete from Tokyo. He holds the Guinness World Record for running 100 meters on all four limbs, setting a best time of 15.71 seconds in the Komazawa Olympic Park in Tokyo, 6 November 2015, shaving 0.15 seconds off the previous record of 15.86 seconds by Katsumi Tamakoshi.[1] Before Tamakoshi's record, Ito also held the record of 16.87 seconds, set on 14 November 2013.[2] He also held the record before that, having set a time of 17.47 seconds on 15 November 2012,[3] and the record before that of 18.58 seconds in 2008.[4] Ito spent nine years studying how animals like monkeys move. He used to work as a janitor and used to mop floors on all fours to practice his four-limbed running technique. As of 2016, he runs a company dealing in solar energy.[5] He can be seen chasing a man in the My Love Is My Disease video by The Jezabels.


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