Kenji Kodama

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Kenji Kodama
Kenji Kodama 20100702 Japan Expo 1.jpg
Kenji Kodama at Japan Expo 2010
Native name こだま 兼嗣
Occupation Anime director

Kenji Kodama (こだま 兼嗣, Kodama Kenji, December 13, 1949) is a Japanese anime director, and storyboard artist. He is best known for being one of the main directors on the long-running anime Case Closed, as well as the City Hunter series and Lupin III Part III.[1]



List of production work in anime
Year Title Crew role Notes Source[2]
1984–85 Lupin III Part III Production, Storyboards
1984–85 Cat's Eye Chief director, director, storyboard 2nd TV series
1986 Robotan Production 2nd TV series
1986–87 Bug tte Honey Director, Continuity
1987–88 City Hunter Chief director, director, storyboards [1]
1988 City Hunter 2 Chief director, director, storyboards
1989 City Hunter: .357 Magnum Director film
1989–90 City Hunter 3 Director
1990 The Rose of Versailles Director 1990 film
1990 City Hunter: Bay City Wars Director OVA
1990 City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy Director OVA
1991 Reporter Blues Director
1991–92 I and Myself: The Two Lottes Director
1992–93 My Patrasche Director
1996 City Hunter: The Secret Service Director, Screenplay TV special
1996–present Case Closed Director, General Director
1997 Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper Director, Screenplay film
1998 Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target Director film
1999 Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century Director film
2000 Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes Director film
2001 Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven Director film
2002 Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street Director film
2003 Case Closed: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Director film
2006 Kekkaishi Director [1][3]
2008 Tales of the Abyss Director Also OVA fan disc
Black Jack Storyboard [1]
Kamichu! Storyboard [1]


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