Kenn Navarro

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Kenn Navarro
Kenn Navarro.jpg
Kenn Navarro at the 2007 Comic-Con in San Diego, California.
Born 1979 (age 38–39)
Manila, Philippines
Occupation Cartoonist,
Voice actor
Known for Happy Tree Friends
Thugs on Film
The God & Devil Show
Like, News

Kenn Navarro (born 1979 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino American animator known for creating the popular internet cartoon Happy Tree Friends. He did a one-time role as a green derby-hatted man from the Dick Figures episode "Kitty Amazing".

Happy Tree Friends[edit]

Navarro partnered with friends Rhode Montijo and Aubrey Ankrum to create the internet cartoon Happy Tree Friends which debuted on in 1999. They also created the video for The Carpal Tunnel of Love by Fall Out Boy.[1]

In addition, he does the voices of Cuddles, Lifty & Shifty, Good Flippy and the growls, snarls and roars for the Grizzly Bear from "Take a Hike".


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