Kennedy Kanyanta

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Kennedy Kanyanta
Personal information
Born April 10, 1979

Kennedy Kenyanta (born April 10, 1979 in Mufulira, Copperbelt) is a Zambian boxer who won the 2002 Commonwealth Games in the men's flyweight division and bronze at the 2007 AllAfrica Games as an amateur.


At the Olympics 2000 he had a bye, and then lost his bout against Bulat Jumadilov 9:12. In Manchester at the Commonwealth Games 2002 he beat Lechedzani Luza in the final. (see Boxing at the 2002 Commonwealth Games)

Luza returned the favor at the 2006 Games.

At the AllAfricans 2007 he lost to Jackson Chauke.


He turned pro in 2007 and won 2 bouts at bantamweight.