Kennedy Road, Hong Kong

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Kennedy Road, Hong Kong
Office of Former Chief Executives at No. 28 Kennedy Road
St. Francis' Canossian College along Kennedy Road
Kennedy Road station of the Peak Tram

Kennedy Road (Chinese: 堅尼地道; Cantonese Yale: gin1 nei4 dei6 dou6) is a road in the Mid-levels on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is named after Arthur Kennedy, the seventh governor of Hong Kong.


At the time of construction, it was the second major east-west route from the sea, in the local area. Thus being nicknamed second road.


Starting from Garden Road in the west, it goes past St. Joseph's College, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong Park and Hopewell Centre and ends at the junction with Queen's Road East near Morrison Hill in Wan Chai.


Public transportation[edit]

The Kennedy Road station of the Peak Tram is located on Kennedy Road.

Other forms of public transportation near or in Kennedy Road include:

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