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Kenneth John Atchity
Dr. Kenneth J. Atchity
Born Kenneth John Atchity
c. 1944 (age 72–73)
Eunice, Louisiana
Nationality American
Alma mater Georgetown University;Yale University
Occupation Author, professor, producer, literary manager, and editor.

Kenneth John Atchity aka "Kenneth Atchity" or "Ken Atchity" (1944– ) is an American producer[1] and author,[2] who has worked in the world of storytelling as a literary manager, editor, speaker, writing and career coach, columnist, book reviewer, brand consultant, and professor of comparative literature.[3] At home among the many worlds of communications, he was labeled a "story merchant"[4] by a visiting ambassador to the United States. "I believe in the power of stories to change the world," he said in a keynote talk at a Houston writers conference, "and I've been privileged to spend a lifetime helping storytellers get their stories to the widest audiences in book, brand, and film."

He and his story-focused companies, Story Merchant, Story Merchant Books,[5] Atchity Entertainment International, Inc.,[6] Atchity Productions, The Writers Lifeline, Inc.,[7] and The Louisiana Wave Studio, LLC, in Shreveport, Louisiana[8] produce films and develop, sell, and publish books, screenplays, and films to television and cinema; and consult with storytellers about their career strategies and tactics.


Atchity was born January 16, 1944 in Eunice, Louisiana, son of Fred J. and Myrza (née Aguillard) Atchity; he grew up between Louisiana and Kansas City, Missouri. He has two children, Rosemary and Vincent.

His son, Vincent Atchity, graduated from Georgetown College and his daughter, Rosemary Atchity, from Columbia University. Both Rosemary and Vincent have two children, Meggie and Teddy; and Vincent, Oliver and Eliot John.

Atchity is married to documentary filmmaker and NHK producer Kayoko Mitsumatsu,[9] founder of[10] for which he serves on the board of directors. He resides in Los Angeles, California, and New York City.

Academic career[edit]

After receiving a Jesuit education from Rockhurst High School and Georgetown University, where he studied Greek and Latin, Atchity received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Yale. His dissertation, Homer's Iliad: The Shield of Memory, was awarded the John Addison Porter Prize. He went on to become a professor of literature and classics at Occidental College, where he served as the chairman of the comparative literature department, and as Fulbright Professor to the University of Bologna.[11]

Entertainment career[edit]

In 1976, Atchity founded L/A House, Inc., a consulting, translation, book, television, and film development and production company whose clients included the Getty Museum and the US Postal Service. L/A House began by extending Atchity's teaching of creative writing to doing manuscript consultation and soon moved on to publishing with the production of Follies, a magazine covering creativity, of which he was the editor. In the 1980s L/A House moved into television, with a syndicated television pilot of "BreakThrough!" of which Atchity was executive producer and co-author.

In 1985, L/A House began development of a set of video/TV romance novel film projects entitled "Shades of Love," which became 16 full-length films, produced in 1986–87 with Atchity as executive producer, that aired throughout the world, distributed by Lorimar, Astral-Bellevue-Pathe, Manson International, and Warner Brothers International, nominated for Canada's Gemini Award; in the U.S. they premiered on Cinemax-HBO. Atchity resigned his tenured professorship at Occidental in 1987 to devote full-time to entertainment and publishing.

In 1989 he sold L/A House and founded AEI (Atchity Editorial/Entertainment International),[6] a literary management and motion picture production company. Chi-Li Wong,[12] formerly Associate Director of the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, joined him as partner in AEI, in 1992. AEI was incorporated in 1996, its name changed to Atchity Entertainment International, Inc. in 2005.

Atchity founded The Writers Lifeline, Inc.[7] (incorporated in 2002) to continue the consulting work of L/A House and to prepare intellectual property for representation.

In 2006, he and manager-partner Fred Griffin of Houston's Griffin Partners,[13] along with a group of investors from Louisiana and Texas, acquired The Louisiana Wave Studio,[8] LLC in Shreveport, Louisiana from Walt Disney Productions. The LWS is the only tank specifically designed to make waves for motion pictures in North America. Films produced at the LWS include "The Guardian," "Mayday—Bering Sea," "Shark Night 3D," "Streets of Blood," and "I Love You, Philip Morris."

Responding to changes in the worlds of entertainment and publishing, in 2009 AEI shifted its energies to raising independent financing for motion pictures to advance its clients interests. In 2011 Atchity and Wong were nominated for an Emmy for producing "The Kennedy Detail" (Discovery)[14] based on their clients' Jerry Blaine and Lisa McCubbin's New York Times bestselling book by the same title published by Gallery/Simon & Schuster in 2010.

A Thriller by Kenneth John Atchity

In 2010, Atchity also founded Atchity Productions for independent film productions, and Story Merchant[5] for strategic coaching for writers.

The Messiah Matrix[edit]

In 2012, Atchity published his first novel, The Messiah Matrix.[15] The novel centers on a fictional marine archaeological find of a rare Herodian coin honoring Augustus. A romantic interest develops between the American archaeologist who has discovered the coin, and a young Jesuit priest who is intrigued by its implications. It turns out that a powerful faction of the Jesuits has been preparing to announce that the fictional character Jesus of Nazareth was based on the life of Caesar Augustus, and the coin is crucial evidence for their claims.[11] Regarding the premise of his novel, Atchity said that it is based on actual historical facts linking Jesus and Augustus.[16] However, most scholars believe that the biblical figure was based on Historical Jesus.

Producing filmography[edit]

Books By Atchity[edit]

  • Sell Your Story to Hollywood: Writers Guide to the Business of Show Business (Story Merchant Books) (2017); ISBN 9780996990875
  • The Meander Tile of Lisa Greco (Romance of Mythic Identity Book 2) (as Andrea Aguillard) (Story Merchant Books) (2017) ISBN 9780998162898
  • The Twaesum Aik of Brae MacKenzie (A Romance of Mythic Identity Book 1) (as Andrea Aguillard) (Story Merchant Books) (2016) ISBN 9780996990844
  • The Messiah Matrix (Imprimatur Britannica/Story Merchant Books) (2012); ISBN 9780957218901
  • How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams (Skyhorse Publishing) (2012); ISBN 9781616086862
  • Seven Ways to Die (with William Diehl) (AEI/Story Merchant Books) (2012); ISBN 9780615608068
  • How to Publish Your Novel (SquareOne) (2005);
  • How to Escape Lifetime Security and Pursue Your Impossible Dream: A Guide to Transforming Your Career (Helios) (2004); revision of The Mercury Transition, below.
  • Writing Treatments That Sell: How to Create and Market Your Story Ideas to the Motion Picture and TV Industry (with Chi-Li Wong) (Holt/Owl Books; Quality Paperbacks, Writers Digest Book Club) (Second Edition, 2003);
  • The Classical Roman Reader (Holt 1997); (Oxford University Press 1998);Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2017
  • The Classical Greek Reader (Holt, 1996); (Oxford University Press, 1998);
  • The Renaissance Reader (HarperCollins, 1996); (Harper paperback, 1997). ISBN 9780062701299
  • Cajun Household Wisdom (Longmeadow Press, 1995). ISBN 9780681007727
  • The Mercury Transition: How to Escape Lifetime Security to Live Your Impossible Dream (Longmeadow Press, 1994).
  • (editor) Homer: Critical Essays, including essays "Greek Princes and Aegean Princesses: The Role of Women in the Homeric Poems" (with E.J.W. Barber) and "Andromache's Headdress" (G. K. Hall) (1987);
  • A Writer's Time: A Guide to the Creative Process, from Vision through Revision (W.W. Norton) (1986) (Quality Paperbacks, Book of the Month Club, Writer's Digest Book Club) (David & Charles paperback, United Kingdom, as Writing: Make the Most of Your Time New revised and expanded edition, A Writer's Time: Making Time to Write (1995) Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, in The New York Times review, called AWT "the best recent book on writing"; ISBN 0-393-31263-1[24]
  • Sleeping with an Elephant: Selected Poems, 1965–1976 (Valkyrie Press)(1978);
  • Homer's Iliad: The Shield of Memory Introduction by John Gardner (Southern Illinois University Press) (1978);
  • (co-editor and contributor) Italian Literature: Roots & Branches including his essay, "Dante's Purgatorio: The Poem Reveals Itself" (Yale University Press) (1976);
  • In Praise of Love Libretto for choral symphony premiered at Lincoln Center (1974).
  • (editor) Eterne in Mutabilitie: The Unity of the Faerie Queene (Archon) (1972).

Clients' Books Sold[edit]


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