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Kenneth C. Flint (born June 23, 1947) is an American fantasy novelist. He has also written under the pseudonym Casey Flynn. A resident of Omaha, Nebraska, Flint taught literature and writing at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for six years before becoming English department head for Plattsmouth High School. In 1986 he quit teaching to become a full-time novelist. A majority of his works are either based on Irish myths and legends, or else are original stories involving concepts, and sometimes characters, from Irish mythology. His earliest and best known works center around three of the most important characters of Irish legend: Lugh, Cúchulainn, and Finn MacCumhal. More recently he has written a pair of Star Wars short stories, and a historical fiction novel, On Earth's Remotest Bounds: Year One: Blood and Water, the first of a planned series.


Finn MacCumhal series[edit]

  1. Challenge of the Clans (1986) Bantam Doubleday, ISBN 0-553-25553-3
  2. Storm Shield (1986) Bantam Doubleday, ISBN 0-553-26191-6
  3. The Dark Druid (1987) Bantam Books, ISBN 0-553-26715-9

Gods of Ireland series[edit]

Writing as Casey Flynn.

  1. Most Ancient Song (1991)
  2. The Enchanted Isles (1991)

Sidhe series[edit]

  1. The Riders of the Sidhe (1984) Bantam, ISBN 0-553-26606-3
  2. Champions of the Sidhe (1985) Bantam Books, ISBN 0-553-24543-0
  3. Master of the Sidhe (1985) Spectra Books, ISBN 0-553-25261-5


Short Stories[edit]

  • "Doctor Death: The Tale of Dr. Evanzan and Ponda Baba" in Star Wars: Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina (1995)
  • "Old Friends: Ephant Mon's Tale" in Star Wars: Tales From Jabba's Palace (1996)

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