Kenneth Casey

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Kenneth Casey
Kenneth Casey portrait.jpg
Casey c. 1910
Born(1899-01-10)January 10, 1899
DiedAugust 10, 1965(1965-08-10) (aged 66)
Occupation(s)Child actor, composer, publisher, author

Kenneth Casey (January 10, 1899 – August 10, 1965) was an American composer, publisher, author, and child movie star in early silents.


Born in New York City, Casey worked as a child actor in over thirty films for Vitagraph Studios between the years 1909 and 1913.[1] He appeared with a young Moe Howard in the 1909 picture We Must Do Our Best. Howard later became famous as one of The Three Stooges.

As a songwriter, Casey is best remembered for writing the lyrics to "Sweet Georgia Brown" in 1925.[2]



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