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Albert Kenneth Cragg (8 March 1913 – 13 November 2012) was an Anglican bishop and scholar[1] who commented widely[2] on religious topics for more than fifty years, most notably Muslim-Christian relations.[3]

Born on 8 March 1913 and educated at Blackpool Grammar School and Jesus College, Oxford he was awarded the Grafton Scholarship[4] in 1934 [5] and ordained in 1937.

He began his career with a curacy at Higher Tranmere Parish Church, Birkenhead after which he was Chaplain of All Saints', Beirut, Rector of Longworth,[6] Professor of Arabic and Islamics, Hartford Seminary, Connecticut and warden of St Augustine's College, Canterbury before his elevation to the episcopate as Assistant Bishop of Jerusalem in 1970.[7]

There was at that time no Bishop of Egypt, and Cragg was given responsibility for the oversight of the Anglican communities in that country, until, in 1974, as a result of the reorganisation of the Anglican Church in the Middle East, a new Bishop was appointed.[8]

He was then appointed Reader in Religious Studies, at Sussex University,[9] following which he was Vicar of Helme (and an Assistant Bishop within the Wakefield Diocese).

A prolific author,[10] in 1982 he retired to Oxford.

He married, in 1940, Melita Arnold. She died in 1989.[11]


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