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Kenneth F. Goldstein is an American writer, software designer, and technology executive. He is the author of two novels. He has held executive positions at several large media and software companies.

Early life[edit]

Goldstein was born in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


Goldstein served as Vice President of Entertainment and Education Products at Broderbund Software, where he had oversight of the Carmen Sandiego series,[1][2] and founded the company’s Red Orb Entertainment division.[3][4][5] Goldstein also worked for Philips Interactive Media, where he was involved in video game design.

In 1998 Goldstein became an executive vice president and managing director at Disney Online;[6][7] his team launched the multiplayer game Toontown Online.[8] Goldstein was profiled several media publications between 2001 and 2004, giving his views on marketing to children and the increasing number of young internet users.[9][10][11] He left Disney in 2006.[12]

Goldstein served as Chairman and CEO of the comparison shopping site;[13][14] when the site was purchased in 2010 by Market America, he moved to a position in the new company.[15]

Goldstein has blogged on matters of business, media and technology at Corporate Intelligence Radio, and is a regular contributor to The Good Men Project, a digital content website where he is on the board of directors.

Goldstein's first novel, This Is Rage, was published in 2013, by author and publisher Lou Aronica's imprint The Story Plant.[16] In 2013 he published a second book, Endless Encores with Fiction Studio Books.[17][18] The book uses a fictional situation to demonstrate paths of continued success in small business.[19][20]


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