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Kenneth Gärdestad
Kenneth Gärdestad head to waist 2016 (cropped).jpg
Kenneth Gärdestad presenting the Ted Gärdestadstipendiet, May 2016
John Charles Kenneth Gärdestad

(1948-05-09)9 May 1948
Died3 March 2018(2018-03-03) (aged 69)
OccupationSongwriter, lyricist, architect
Musical career
GenresSoft rock, vispop
Years active1970s–2018
Associated actsTed Gärdestad

John Charles Kenneth Gärdestad (9 May 1948 – 3 March 2018)[1] was a Swedish songwriter, best known for writing lyrics for the songs of his brother, Ted Gärdestad. He won Melodifestivalen 1979 as a songwriter for the song "Satellit" performed by his brother Ted. Gärdestad was also an architect, affiliated to the private Kunskapsskolan: he designed the interior of several of its high schools.

Music career[edit]

Gärdestad as a songwriter co-wrote lyrics for many of his younger brother Ted Gärdestad's (1956–1997) songs, including his Melodifestivalen song entries "Oh, vilken härlig da'" in Melodifestivalen 1973 and "Rockin' 'n' Reelin'" Melodifestivalen 1975.[2] As such Gärdestad also won Melodifestivalen 1979 with Ted's song "Satellit".[2] The song went on to represent Sweden in Eurovision 1979 finishing 17th during the final held in Jerusalem.[3]

Lyricist Gärdestad also competed in 2008 in the SVT music show Doobidoo along with Lotta Engberg.[4] He took part again in Melodifestivalen 2010 with lyrics for "Hur kan jag tro på kärlek?" performed by Erik Linder. The song placed fifth in the semi-final and was eliminated.[5] In 2016, he was awarded the Musikförläggarnas pris, an honorary award for "many years of work for Swedish music and for creating timeless stories which he shares".[6] In 2018, he won a Grammis award, again in honour of his many years in the music industry and for his work in it, and many wonderful lyrics."[7]

Tributes to brother[edit]

Gärdestad, with Keijo Liimatainen, wrote the book Jag vill ha en egen måne (2005), a biography about his brother Ted and the circumstances surrounding his suicide in 1997.[8] In 2018, a biographical film about his brother, Ted – För kärlekens skull was released. Gärdestad took part in creating realistic scenes for the film and gave it his support.[9] Peter Viitanen portrayed Kenneth Gärdestad in the film.[10]

Gärdestad was special guest on the show Så mycket bättre in 2016 (last episode season 7), which was broadcast on Swedish television station TV4.[11] The last episode of the 2016 season featured the season's chosen singers performing several of his brother's well-known hits,[12] including "Helt nära dig" (interpreted by Little Jinder), "Sommarlängtan" (by Magnus Carlson), "Himlen är oskyldigt blå" (by Jill Johnson), "505 to Casablanca" (by Freddie Wadling), "Sol, vind och vatten" (by Lisa Ekdahl), "I den stora sorgens famn" (by Tommy Nilsson) and "För kärlekens skull" (by Danny Saucedo).[13]

Architecture work[edit]

Gärdestad was head architect at Kunskapsskolan and designed many of the school's rooms.[14] Kunskapsskolan (literally The Knowledge School) is a Swedish network of independent schools that provides education for students from grades 4 to 9 (ages 10 to 16).[14] It also provides a gymnasium schools for grades 10 to 12 (ages 16 to 19) in different areas of Sweden.[14] Designed by Gärdestad, the architecture is very open, with glass and colourfully painted walls.[15] There are more than 80 Kunskapsskolan schools in operation around the world, including 36 in Sweden, and other locations in the UK, US, the Netherlands, India, and Saudi Arabia.[16]

Personal life[edit]

Gärdestad's brother Ted was a noted Swedish singer who represented Sweden in Eurovision with one of Kenneth's songs.[2] Their other brother Kjell (1944–2000) was also a songwriter who co-wrote the song "Viking" with Ted.[17] Gärdestad revealed in 2014 that he was suffering from skin cancer and latent lymphoma.[18][19]

Kenneth Gärdestad died of cancer on 3 March 2018, aged 69.[20][21]


Gärdestad worked actively to educate and create understanding about psychological illness after his brother Ted's mental illness and suicide in 1997.[22] He was the creator of the annual "Ted Gärdestad Stipend" awarded to amateur singers and songwriters since 1999 to promote their work.[23] The prize includes a tribute concert.[24][25][26]


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