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Kenneth Grant Tremayne Webster (1871–1942) was a Canadian-born American literary scholar. He was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and was educated at Dalhousie University, graduating in 1892. He then took another undergraduate degree at Harvard University, followed by a master's and doctorate there, after which he was immediately offered a faculty position at the institution.[1] Influenced by Archibald MacMechan he became a medievalist and Arthurian scholar, with an interest in castles.[2]

Webster was also a restorer of historic houses. They include the Barnard Capen House from the early seventeenth century in Dorchester, Massachusetts, which he moved to its current site in Milton, Massachusetts in 1913,[3][4] and the eighteenth century Ross-Thompson House in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, which he bought in 1932 to save it from demolition, and is now a museum.[1][5]



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