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Kenneth N. Ogle (1902-1968) was a scientist of human vision. He was born in Colorado, and attended the public school and college at Colorado Springs. In 1925, Ogle earned a bachelor's degree from Colorado College cum laude.[1] After graduation from college and selection of physics as a career, Ogle spent two years at Dartmouth College, a year at the University of Minnesota, and then returned to Dartmouth College for his Ph.D. degree, awarded in 1930.[1] He was later awarded an honorary medical degree by the University of Uppsala in Sweden.[1]

Ogle remained at Dartmouth Eye Institute to which he was appointed by Adelbert Ames, Jr. from 1930 until 1947 where he spent much of his working life until it was discontinued.[1] In 1947 Ogle became a member of the staff of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, in the Section of Biophysics, working intimately with the Eye Section.

Ogle's research work was largely in the fields of optics and human binocular vision.[1] In 1967, he won the Tillyer Medal, awarded by the Optical Society of America. He died less than two months after retiring from the Mayo Clinic.

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