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Kenneth W. Nicholls, Irish academic and historian, is a widely respected Irish historian.

Nicholls came to national and international prominence as the author of Gaelic and Gaelicised Ireland in the Middle Ages, first published in 1972, and reprinted in 2003. He is particularly regarded among his peers for his deep knowledge of late medieval and early modern historical sources in Irish, Latin, French and English languages. His areas of professional interests include:

  • Late medieval and early modern Ireland, including topics such as genealogy, population studies, place-names, marriage, law, institutions
  • Scottish history, particularly legal and institutional
  • extinction of animals within historical times
  • agrarian history

Ken Nicholls was a member of staff of the history department in University College Cork until his retirement in 2004. He also worked at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies for a period during the 1960s.[1] His work is honoured in David Edwards (ed.) Regions and rulers in Ireland, 1100-1650: essays for Kenneth Nicholls (Dublin, 2004), which is a collection of essays by several of the leading Irish historians of today.

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