Kenneth Walters

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Kenneth Walters
Alma materUniversity of Swansea[1]
Scientific career
ThesisSome Elastico-Viscous Liquids with Continuous and Discrete Relaxation Spectra (1959)
Doctoral advisorJames G. Oldroyd

Kenneth Walters FRS is a British mathematician and rheologist. He is a Distinguished Research Professor at the Institute Of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science of the Aberystwyth University.[2][3]


Walters earned his PhD from the University of Swansea in 1959 under the supervision of James G. Oldroyd. His thesis was entitled Some Elastico-Viscous Liquids with Continuous and Discrete Relaxation Spectra.[1]


Walters has made contributions to rheology and the development of rheological science in the United Kingdom, and has conducted extensive studies of the behaviour of non-Newtonian fluids, particularly elastic liquids. He has made advances in two major areas: the measurement of rheological properties, and the numerical solution of complex flows. In the first area, he has extended the theory of viscometric flows, carried out a searching analysis of sources of error in the principal instruments in current use, and was involved in industrial applications arising in the manufacture of lubricants, detergents and paints. His book, Rheometry, is a standard work of reference and the book Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Flow, of which he is joint author, is an influential text in this field of research.[2]

Awards and honours[edit]

Walters was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1991.[2]


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