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Kenneth Williamson (1914 – 14 June 1977) was a British ornithologist who had a strong association with Scotland and with bird migration.

Williamson was born in Bury Lancashire. From 1941-1945 he served with the British occupation of the Faroe Islands in World War II, in 1944 marrying Esther Louise Rein of Tórshavn with whom he had a daughter Hervor and son Robin. From 1948-1957 he was Director of the Fair Isle Bird Observatory. Subsequently he became a Senior Research Officer with the British Trust for Ornithology and from 1958-1963 he was editor of the journal Bird Migration. From 1959-1963 he served on the British Birds Rarities Committee.

On 2 February 1959 Williamson was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


As well as numerous ornithological papers, books authored or coauthored by Williamson include:

  • 1937 – The Sky’s Their Highway. Putnam: London. (Illustrated by Charles Tunnicliffe)
  • 1948 – The Atlantic Islands. A Study of the Faeroe Life and Scene. Collins: London.
  • 1960 – St Kilda Summer. Hutchinson: London. (With J. Morton Boyd).
  • 1963 – A Mosaic of Islands. Oliver & Boyd: London. (With J. Morton Boyd).
  • 1965 – Fair Isle and its Birds. Oliver & Boyd: London.


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