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Kennie Childers is a former NASCAR Winston Cup Series owner whose career spanned from 1978 to 1981.[1] In addition to being a NASCAR team owner, Childers also owned a collection on coal mines throughout the Southern United States.[2]


Various drivers drove for Childers in his 4-year career including: Harry Gant, Neil Bonnett, Jack Ingram, Lennie Pond, Donnie Allison, Buddy Baker, and David Pearson.[1] Although no wins were created after 59 races, these drivers helped Childers get credit for four finishes in the "top five" and 12 finishes in the "top ten.[1] Childers' drivers would end up leading 498 laps out of 11,451 - the equivalent of 14,511.6 miles (23,354.2 km).[1] The average start of the drivers would be 15th while the average finish would be 23rd.[1]

While his final race as an owner would be at the 1981 Wranger Sanfor-Set 400, Childer's first race as owner would be at the 1978 World 600. Childers would also end his career with his grand total for prize earnings at $130,250 ($358,950.31 when adjusted for inflation).[1]

All of Childers' vehicle used the number 12; since it served as a symbolic and/or lucky number for him. While no wins were recorded under his ownership regime; Childers' vehicle led dozens of laps and finished in 10th place on a really good race weekend.[3]