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The suit of Kenny Starfighter at Stockholm City Museum.

Kenny Starfighter is a Swedish television mini-series from 1997 that follows the titular hero as he fights against the evil lord Dr. Deo. Although aimed at children, this show was popular with adults as well. A film, Kenny Begins, was made in 2009.


Kenny Starfighter, a Galactic Hero of dubious ability, is sent to Earth to find and stop the evil Doctor Deo as the Galaxy's last hope after all other Galactic Heroes have gone MIA. Whilst in pursuit of the doctor his space-bus crashes in a small Swedish town. Here he learns that the teachers at a local school have been acting bizarrely and joins forces with some of the school children to investigate this. They find the person behind the strange behavior at the school is none other than Dr. Deo. Through their combined efforts they manage to defeat him and save Kenny's home planet Mylta.



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