Kenny Vadas

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Kenny Vadas
Born (1981-07-25) July 25, 1981 (age 34)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Years active 1990–2001

Ken "Kenny" Vadas (born July 25, 1981) is a Canadian actor, now living in Toronto.

Vadas was born in Montreal, Quebec.[citation needed] When he was younger, Ken Vadas acted in several commercials, he was a regular on the television series "Eric's World" and had guest roles on television series such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps, and "The Adventures of Sinbad" which filmed in South Africa.

He acted in several made-for-television movies and is famous for his role as the E.L.F.S 2nd in command lead in the Disney blockbuster The Santa Clause with Tim Allen in which he saved Santa and his son Charlie and is quoted frequently for his line in the movie; "We're your worst nightmare, Elves with attitude".

Vadas also played the lead role of Harvey Cheyne in the remake of Captains Courageous starring Robert Urich, receiving a Family Film Award nomination in Hollywood and winning a Young Artist Award also in Hollywood.

Ken received his third Hollywood nomination for his role as Prince Cosimo in the HBO television movie "Galileo: On The Shoulders of Giants" that filmed on location in Venice, Italy in which he co-starred with Michael Moriarty.

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