Kent (Gillström) Isaacs

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Kent Isaacs
Birth nameKent Gillström
GenresPop, Rock
Occupation(s)Record producer, Entrepreneur, Musician
Years active30+

Kent Isaacs, a Swedish producer, mixer, musician, songwriter and music-entrepreneur, is co-owner and operator of Cosmos Music Group, an independent Scandinavian music company. Isaacs has been known to work with Robyn, RZA, Slick Rick, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Clay Aiken, Eagle Eye Cherry, Infinite Mass, Arnthor and Stina Nordenstam (showcased on the hit 1996 soundtrack to Romeo + Juliet).[1]

A music industry veteran, Isaacs has been in the business since the early 1980s. He began his career as a musician both in the studio and touring with Swedish artists. From there, he transitioned beyond the stage and studio to the technical side where he acted as producer, mixer and technician alongside numerous Grammy-winning and well-known selling artists, both international and Swedish including Robyn, Eagle Eye Cherry and others. Isaacs has owned and maintained large established studios including Cosmos Studios. The first Cosmos Studios got sold to Max Martin, who produced and recorded a lot of Internationally known Grammy/Platinum winning artist at Cosmos Studios who changed its name to Maratone Studios. After selling that studio he bought the formerly EMI-Abbey Road Studios, in Stockholm which became Cosmos Studios.

Isaacs transcended the idea of a traditional musician/mixer/producer moving once again to the business side of the industry, working as a consultant with agreements and issues related to the business. He operated his own publishing company and producer-house.

He acquired Bonnier Amigo, now Cosmos Music Group - Scandinavia's largest independent network of music companies. Most recently he acquired, together with Cosmos Music Group, Scandinavian Songs, one of them he sold to the biggest independent music publishing company in Sweden.

Cosmos Studios[edit]

Cosmos Studios is a songwriting and recording facility in Stockholm, Sweden. It originally opened in the early sixties as Abbey Road/Emi Studios and has since been a creative hub for Scandinavian and international artists, songwriters and producers such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keane, Korn, Beyoncé, Swedish House Mafia, John Martyn and Robyn

Cosmos Studios is closely affiliated with sister company Cosmos Music Group.