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Kent Derdivanis is an American sportscaster.

Derdivanis career began as a play by play announcer for University of Arizona Wildcats football and basketball games. In 1981, Derdivanis became the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers on WVTV. He left WVTV in 1984 to become the NESN's first play by play announcer for Boston Red Sox games.[1] He would last one season at NESN before being replaced by Ned Martin. After being unable to find work in Boston, Derdivanis returned to Arizona, where called Wildcats football and basketball and Phoenix Firebirds baseball.[2] Derdivanis left the Wildcats to become a TV and radio broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was let go after the 1993 season and returned to Arizona. Since returning to Arizona he has called games for the Arizona Rattlers, Arizona Cardinals,[3] and Northern Arizona University.

From 1983-86, Derdivanis worked at KMPC, calling UCLA football and basketball.[4]

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