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Kent Hotel
Kent Hotel Balmain 1.jpg
Kent Hotel today[when?]
General information
Status Closed; private residence
Address 51 Palmer Street, Balmain, New South Wales
Country Australia
Coordinates 33°51′35″S 151°10′50″E / 33.859794°S 151.180543°E / -33.859794; 151.180543Coordinates: 33°51′35″S 151°10′50″E / 33.859794°S 151.180543°E / -33.859794; 151.180543
Opened 1865
Closed 1976

The Kent Hotel is a former pub in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Balmain, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Workers from the nearby Booth's Saw Mill and later Lever and Kitchen, were regular patrons at the hotel.[1]

The building is now a private residence but retains a sign with the words The Kent on the front veranda as a reminder of its historic past.

Popular culture[edit]

The pub was used as the main location for the Australian film Caddie, starring Helen Morse and Jack Thompson. After closing in 1976, the site was reopened for a time as Caddies Restaurant, named after its association with the film.[2]


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