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Kent Records was a Los Angeles-based record label, launched in 1958 by the Bihari brothers.[1] It was subsidiary of Crown Records Corporation.[2] Kent was a follow-up to Modern Records which ceased operations in 1958.[2] The label reissued Modern's singles, including recordings by B.B. King. By 1964, Kent had signed acts such as Ike & Tina Turner and released new material. Other acts signed to the label included Z.Z. Hill, Johnny Otis, and Lowell Fulsom. Modern Records was revived in 1964 with successful singles from the Ikettes.[3]

Initially, Kent issued only singles, but in 1964, the label began issuing albums until the early 1970s.[1] Kent was later bought by Ace Records, England, which uses the label name to release Motown and Northern Soul music.[4]




Catalog No. Release




Single (A-side, B-side) Artist
301 Mar 1958 16 "You've Been An Angel" B.B. King
9 "Please Accept My Love"
330 Dec 1959 2 "Sweet Sixteen, Pt. 1"

b/w "Sweet Sixteen, Pt. 2"

B.B. King
345 1960 "Roll With Me Henry"

b/w "Good Rockin' Daddy"

Etta James
346 Jul 1960 "Good Man Gone Bad" B.B. King
8 "Partin' Time"
378 Apr 1962 "Drifting"

b/w "Love You Baby"

Bobby "Blue" Bland, Ike Turner and His Orchestra
393 Apr 1964 34 12 "Rock Me Baby"

b/w "I Can't Lose"

B.B. King
394 Apr 1964 "Dust My Blues (I Believe)"

b/w "Happy Home"

Elmore James and The Broom Dusters
402[5] Oct 1964 95 "I Can't Believe What You Say (For Seeing What You Do)"

b/w "My Baby Now"

Ike & Tina Turner
409 Nov 1964 "Please, Please, Please"

b/w "Am I A Fool In Love

Ike & Tina Turner
432[6] Nov 1965 11 "Black Nights"

b/w "Little Angel"

Lowell Fulson
456[6] Dec 1966 52 5 "Tramp"

b/w "Pico"

Lowell Fulson
463[6] Mar 1967 91 20 "Make a Little Love"

b/w "I'm Sinking"

Lowell Fulson
474[6] Aug 1967 97 38 "I'm A Drifter"

b/w "Hobo Meetin'"

Lowell Fulson
4514[7] Jul 1970 "Please, Please, Please Pt. 1"

b/w "Please, Please, Please Pt. 2"

Ike & Tina Turner


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