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For the baseball team, see Kent Kings (baseball).
Kent 'Slyde' Kings
Club information
Track address Central Park Stadium,
Country United Kingdom
Founded 6 May 2013
Team manager Chris Hunt
Team captain Luke Bowen
League National League
Club facts
Colours Red and white
Nickname Kings
Track size 268m
Track record time 57.3s
Track record date 6th June 2016
Track record holder Dan Greenwood
Current team
Rider CMA
England Luke Bowen 10.56
England James Shanes 8.00
England Danny Ayres 7.05
England David Mason 7.37
England Luke Clifton 5.20
England Danno Verge 4.76
England Jack Thomas 5.04
Total 47.98

Kent Kings are a British speedway team formed in 2013. They compete in the National League.

Based at Central Park Stadium in Sittingbourne, with a track laid inside the greyhound racing track, Kings joined the National League in 2013 with the backing of sponsors CTA Fire. Len Silver co-promotes the Kings with Roger Cearns, seeing the return of professional speedway to Kent for the first time since Canterbury Crusaders closed in 1987.[1][2]

2013 Season[edit]

The first match for the team was a challenge against the American Touring Team in May 2013, attended by more than 3,000 spectators.[3]

The original 2013 Team line up was 1 Steve Boxall, 2 Jack Kingston, 3 Ben Morley, 4 Connor Coles, 5 David Mason (C), 6 Sam Woods, 7 Adam Kirby, Team Manager: John Sampford

David Mason was signed as captain, but lost his team place after two matches to Benji Compton, with Steve Boxall taking over the captaincy.[4]

The Kings finished 7th out of 8 teams in the National League and bottom of the National Trophy, however the debut season for the Kent CTA Fire Kings at Central Park saw some achievements:

  • Steve Boxall winning the National League Riders Championship
  • 2nd in the NL Fours (Steve Boxall, Benji Compton, Ben Morley and David Mason)
  • 3rd in the NL Pairs (Steve Boxall and Ben Morley)
  • 3rd in the British Under 19 Championships (Ben Morley)
  • Steve Boxall finishing up as holder of the Bronze Helmet.

2014 Season[edit]

John Sampford was to remain in charge but the highly respected former Isle of Wight manager and former rider Chris Hunt was appointed Assistant Manager.

The original 2014 line up was 1 Simon Lambert, 2 Luke Chessell, 3. Ben Morley, 4. Benji Compton, 5. David Mason, 6. Daniel Blake, 7. Brandon Freemantle.

Simon Lambert took over the captaincy from the returning David Mason and went on to score heavily throughout the season with a cavalier and exciting style.

Daniel Blake retired after two meetings and was replaced by Luke Harris.

Luke Harris was himself dropped from the team in June and was replaced by Jason Garrad.

Brandon Freemantle was unfortunately forced to bow out of the Kent Kings side in early May and his place was taken by a former motocross rider making his debut in speedway, Danny Ayres.

The team was further disrupted when Benji Compton injured his hand as was ruled out in June. His place was taken by newcomer to the Kent side, Aaron Baseby. Compton made his return in July with Luke Chessell being dropped.

The Kings finished 3rd of the 9 teams competing in the National League. This was enough for a play-off place and in the home 1st leg of the semi-final against Coventry Storm the Kings ran out 49-44 winners. Disappointment was to follow in the away leg where the Kings were beaten 54-39 with Coventry progressing to the final against Cradley.

Disappointment also in the National Trophy where the Kings finished last of the 4 teams competing.

On a more positive note, Lambert and Morley finished 3rd in the National League Pairs and Morley finished 3rd in the National League Riders Championships,

Also in the National League Fours with Lambert, Morley, Ayres and Baseby giving their all in a tough group falling agonisingly short in a last heat decider in the Semi-Final group.


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