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Kent Walker currently serves as Senior Vice President for Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer at Google.[1][2] He advises Google's board and management on legal and policy issues,[3] its work with governments around the world,[4] its policies for content on its various services,[5] and its philanthropic efforts.[6]

Before joining Google, Walker worked at various technology companies, including eBay, Netscape, AOL, and Airtouch Communications.[7] He served as an Assistant U.S. attorney with the United States Department of Justice[8] and advised the US Attorney General on technology policy issues.[9] At the start of his career, he worked as a litigator specializing in government and public law issues.[10]

Walker graduated from Harvard College and Stanford Law School.[11] He currently serves on the Harvard Board of Overseers[12] and the Heartflow Board of Directors,[13] advises the Mercy Corps Social Ventures Fund,[14] and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.[15]


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