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Kentaro Yano (1 March 1912 in Tokyo, Japan – 25 December 1993) was a mathematician working on differential geometry who introduced the Bochner–Yano theorem.

He also published a classical book about geometric objects (i.e., sections of natural fiber bundles) and Lie derivatives of these objects.


  • Les espaces à connexion projective et la géométrie projective des paths, Iasi, 1938
  • Geometry of Structural Forms (Japanese), 1947
  • Groups of Transformations in Generalized Spaces, Tokyo, Akademeia Press, 1949
  • with Salomon Bochner: Curvature and Betti Numbers, Princeton University Press, Annals of Mathematical Studies, 1953[1]
  • The Theory of Lie Derivatives and its Applications. North-Holland. 1957. ISBN 978-0-7204-2104-0. 
  • Differential geometry on complex and almost complex spaces, Macmillan, New York 1965
  • Integral formulas in Riemannian Geometry, Marcel Dekker, New York 1970
  • with Shigeru Ishihara: Tangent and cotangent bundles: differential geometry, New York, M. Dekker 1973
  • with Masahiro Kon: Anti-invariant submanifolds, Marcel Dekker, New York 1976[2]
  • Morio Obata (ed.): Selected papers of Kentaro Yano, North Holland 1982
  • with Masahiro Kon: CR Submanifolds of Kählerian and Sasakian Manifolds, Birkhäuser 1983[3]
  • with Masahiro Kon: Structures on Manifolds, World Scientific 1984


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