Heaven Hill Kentucky Whiskey

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Heaven Hill Kentucky Blended Whiskey
Heaven Hill Whiskey.jpg
Heaven Hill Kentucky Blended Whiskey
TypeBlended whiskey
ManufacturerHeaven Hill
Country of originKentucky, United States
Alcohol by volume40%
Proof (US)80
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Heaven Hill Kentucky Whiskey is an American blended whiskey produced in Bardstown, Kentucky by Heaven Hill Distilleries. The company sells a variety of blended whiskeys and straight bourbons in 16 oz (1 pint), 750ml, and 1-liter glass bottles, and in 1.75L plastic bottles.

Blended whiskey[edit]

Unlike Heaven Hill Bourbon, which is a 100% straight bourbon and can only be made with uncut natural ingredients that include corn, malted barley and rye, Heaven Hill blended whiskeys can employ a less expensive and wider range of ingredients and production methods. In fact, Heaven Hill Kentucky Whiskey is only 20% straight bourbon and 80% neutral grain spirits (similar to grain alcohol with no color or smell).[1] Neutral grain spirits can be aged in used oak barrels or not aged at all, while "straight" bourbon must be aged a minimum of two years in newly charred oak barrels and must not be distilled to such a high level of alcohol content that the flavor of the original mash is removed.

Heaven Hill Distilleries also produces five other blended whiskies: Gukenheimer, Kentucky Deluxe, Kentucky Beau, T. W. Samuels and Wilson.


Food critic Morgan Murphy said "This bourbon's strong fruit notes and mellow oaks make it seem like a much pricier bottle."[2]


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