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Kentucky Route 90 marker

Kentucky Route 90
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length: 134.734 mi[1] (216.833 km)
Major junctions
West end: I-65 / KY 70 in Cave City
  US 31W in Cave City
US 31E / US 68 / KY 80 in Glasgow
Cumberland Parkway in Glasgow
US 127 in Snow
US 27 in Burnside
US 27 in Parkers Lake
East end: US 25W northwest of Williamsburg
Counties: Barren, Metcalfe, Cumberland, Clinton, Wayne, Pulaski, McCreary, Whitley
Highway system
KY 89 KY 91

Kentucky Route 90 is a major east-west state highway in southern Kentucky. The route is 134.734 miles (216.833 km) long, and it traverses Barren, Metcalfe, Cumberland, Clinton, Wayne, Pulaski, McCreary and Whitley Counties in southern Kentucky. It originates near the KY 70 junction with Interstate 65 in Cave City and ends at a junction with US 25W at Youngs Creek.

Route description[edit]

KY 90's western terminus at Cave City.

Barren and Metcalfe Counties[edit]

Kentucky Route 90 begins at Cave City at an intersection with KY 70, equipped with a traffic light, in the one part of the city where many restaurants, hotels, and gas stations are located. It is a major tourism hot-spot due to the close proximity to Mammoth Cave National Park, in nearby Edmonson County, along with few other attractions along KY 70 west of the city. Signs at the I-65 exit tend to imply that KY 90 ends at the exit itself, while state highway documents indicate that the end is at the intersection with KY 70, about 100 yards (91 m) from the exit proper. In spite of this, both KY 70 and KY 90 markers appear on the signage for Exit 53 of I-65. After KY 90's first mile, it intersects U.S. Route 31W, still within city limits of Cave City.

KY 90 then heads into a south-southeasterly path to the Barren County seat, Glasgow, where it crosses the Veterans Outer Loop (US 68) passes the local Walmart and a local Marquee Cinema, and then has junctions with US Highways 31E and 68 Business, which is co-joined with Kentucky Route 80 in this area. It also has an intersection with US 31E's business loop at the Barren County courthouse. Before leaving the city of Glasgow, KY 90 has an intersection with the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway at the exit 14 interchange on the southeastern side of the city.

After leaving Glasgow, the highway continues in a southeasterly fashion and passes through the small town of Eighty Eight, and then goes into southern Metcalfe County, and passes through Summer Shade.

Cumberland and Clinton Counties[edit]

KY 90 enters Cumberland County, and passes through Marrowbone and the county seat, Burkesville. After going through Burkesville, KY 90 turns due east, crosses the Cumberland River, and has intersections with short roads leading to Dale Hollow Lake State Park, and then goes into Clinton County, where, for about 1.5 miles (2.4 km), it is co-joined with US 127, which is the core route of the annual World's Longest Yard Sale (a.k.a. The Highway 127 Corridor Sale), which takes place in early August.

Wayne County and beyond[edit]

KY 90 then goes through more rural areas and then into Wayne County where it intersects Kentucky Route 92 at Monticello. The state highway continues into a northeasterly course towards Mill Springs, the site of a famous Civil War battle site, and a mill built in 1877 (accessible via KY 1275). It enters the southern portion of Pulaski County. The highway's concurrency with US 27 begins after KY 90 crosses the Cumberland River for a second time (at that point part of Lake Cumberland) near Burnside, Kentucky. KY 90 runs concurrently with U.S. 27 for about 14.6 miles (23.5 km) from Burnside to Parkers Lake. Early in this stretch of road is the gateway to General Burnside State Park; it later enters the Daniel Boone National Forest. After departing US 27 in northern McCreary County, KY 90 is the main route that accesses Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. It crosses the Cumberland River a third time just upstream and around a bend from the falls. At the route's terminus in the Whitley County community of Young's Creek, there is a 0.32 mile-long (0.51 km) spur called KY 90S that serves as a secondary entrance to the highway for traffic going southbound on U.S. 25W. The road is signed as KY 90.

Points of interest along the route[edit]

These are points of interest that can be accessible along this route:

  • Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum at Cave City.
  • Roadside Park in Marrowbone, Kentucky once served as a hospital camp for both the Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.
  • Seventy Six Falls (accessible via KY 704), is a waterfall along the shoreline of Lake Cumberland in northern Clinton County.[2]
  • Mill Springs Mill (Wayne County) (accessible via KY 1275).[3]
  • General Burnside State Park near Burnside.
  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park at the McCreary/Whitley County line. Cumberland Falls is the only large waterfall south of the Niagara frontier that is famous for the "moonbow" in the light of the full moon under the right conditions.
  • Crystal Onyx Cave & Campground, located in Pruitt's Knob just south of Cave City, had two entrances via KY 90 and US Route 31W. The cave was closed down in 2010 following the excessive rainfall the area had that caused flash flooding in Kentucky and Tennessee in May of that year.

Roller Coaster Fair[edit]

Kentucky Route 90 from Cave City to just north of Albany, along with Kentucky Route 63 from Glasgow to Tompkinsville, Kentucky, along with US Route 127 in Clinton County, and Tennessee state highways 52, 111, and 51 are designated as the marked route for the annual Roller Coaster Fair, a long route-based yard sale event held the first weekend of October.[4][5]


The early days (1929-1960)[edit]

KY 90 was established in 1929 as one of the charter routes of the Kentucky State Highway System. The highway's original western terminus was located in downtown Glasgow at a junction with KY 80 (which at the time was not co-signed with US 68 in this area until the 1940s). Along the route, it connected to certain areas via two ferries, one at Burkesville, and the other at the Whitley/McCreary County line near Cumberland Falls. KY 90's eastern terminus was at a junction with US 25W, but at the time it was in downtown Corbin at the Whitley/Laurel County line.[6] Sometime between 1940 and 1955, US 25W was rerouted to its current route, and KY 90's eastern end was relocated to an area between Corbin and Cumberland Falls.[7] A bridge near the falls was built sometime during that time frame so KY 90 traffic would not be bombarded with rapids that affected ferry service.

Also during the 1950s, KY 90 was extended northwestward from its previous terminus in downtown Glasgow, to a junction with U.S. Route 31W, which at the time was south of Cave City.[7][8] The road that KY 90 took over, Happy Valley Road, was previously signed as Kentucky Route 351.[6][9]

The modern days (1960-present)[edit]

At sometime between 1969 and 1973, KY 90 from the KY 685 junction to US 31W was rerouted to make KY 90 go directly into Cave City. KY 90's western terminus was also relocated to its current west end at a then-new junction with KY 70 near the I-65 exit 53 interchange, thus extending KY 90 by another 0.8 miles (1.3 km), and providing westbound KY 90 traffic direct access to I-65.[10]

In 2013, KY 90 between the Cumberland Parkway junction and the Eighty Eight community was reconstructed to add truck-climbing lanes in two spots. Reconstruction of KY 90 continued from that area to the Metcalfe County line, and was completed by Fall 2015.[11] In September and October 2014, the first 0.4 miles (0.64 km) of KY 90, along with the KY 70 overpass over I-65 (the latter of which began in 2013), were both reconstructed and were widened to four lanes, plus a center lane for left turns.[12]

Some talks between the KYTC and Stantec are taking place to widen an 8.4 miles (13.5 km) stretch of KY 90 from Cave City to Glasgow to either a 2+1 type of road (two lanes plus the turning lane in the center) or a complete 4-laner with a 40 miles (64 km) median. Plans for it are still yet to be placed on the agenda. Opinions of locals are being used for consideration before the project even happens.[13]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Barren Cave City 0.000 0.000 KY 70 (Mammoth Cave Road/Mammoth Cave Street) to I-65 – Mammoth Cave, Brownsville, Cave City Business District, Nashville (TN), Louisville I-65 just west of intersection
0.819 1.318 US 31W (Dixie Highway) to KY 70 – Park City, Horse Cave
3.186 5.127 KY 685 (Wilson Road) to KY 2143 (Old Happy Valley Road) Old Happy Valley Road is old KY 90
Glasgow 7.886 12.691 Airport Road to Glasgow Municipal Airport
8.587 13.819 US 68 (Veterans Outer Loop) / KY 80 north to US 31E
9.923 15.970 US 31E north (North L. Rogers Wells Boulevard) West end of US 31E concurrency
10.524 16.937
US 31E south (South L. Roger Wells Blvd.) / US 68 Bus. west (West Main Street) to US 68 Truck east / KY 90 Truck east / Cumberland Parkway
East end of US 31E concurrency; west end of US 68 Bus. concurrency.
Truck Routes follow US 31E south.
11.360 18.282
US 31E Bus. north (North Race Street)
West end of US 31E Bus. concurrency
11.470 18.459
US 31E Bus. south (South Green Street) to KY 63
End of two-block concurrency with one-way 31E Bus. south around courthouse; begin concurrency with 31E Bus. north
11.525 18.548
US 31E Bus. north / US 68 Bus. / KY 90 west (East Main Street)
End of concurrency with US31E; North 31E Bus./west 68 Bus./west 90 intersect here and continue west
11.598 18.665
US 68 Bus. east (North Broadway Street)
End of concurrency with US 68 Bus.

Cumberland Parkway / US 68 Truck / KY 90 Truck west – Bowling Green, Somerset
Interchange; Truck route follows westbound parkway; exit 14
14.795 23.810 KY 2198 east (Green Valley Road) Western terminus of KY 2198
18.120 29.161 KY 1330 east (Kino Road) Western terminus of KY 1330
Eighty Eight 19.058 30.671 KY 839 south (Nobob Road) Northern terminus of KY 839
Metcalfe Summer Shade 25.358 40.810 KY 640 north (Randolph-Summer Shade Road) Southern terminus of KY 640
27.346 44.009 KY 2387 north (Mount Moriah Road) Southern terminus of KY 2387
27.815 44.764 KY 163 (Tompkinsville Road)
Cumberland 36.734 59.118 KY 1312 north Southern terminus of KY 1312
Marrowbone 39.132 62.977 KY 3115 south Northern terminus of KY 3115
40.054 64.461 KY 496 north (Old Waterview Road) Southern terminus of KY 496
Waterview 42.483 68.370 KY 100 west (Old Waterview Road) Eastern terminus of KY 100
46.212 74.371 KY 691 west Eastern terminus of KY 691
46.979 75.605 KY 2276 east Western terminus of KY 2276
Burkesville 48.569 78.164 KY 61 north (North Main Street) – Columbia Begin concurrency with KY 61
48.828 78.581 KY 61 north (South Main Street) Southern end of traffic circle around the courthouse
49.401 79.503 KY 61 south (Celina Road) – Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park, Sulphur Ck Resort, Hendricks Creek Boat Dock End of concurrency with KY 61
50.203 80.794 KY 1880 east Western terminus of KY 1880
Clinton 59.945 96.472 KY 1590 – Jamestown
62.236 100.159 KY 639
62.995 101.381 US 127 north / KY 3156 east – Jamestown, Wolf Creek Dam West end of concurrency with US 127; western terminus of KY 3156
63.582 102.325 US 127 south / KY 724 north – Albany, Clinton County Area Tech Center East end of concurrency with US 127; southern terminus of KY 724
64.392 103.629 KY 3062 west Eastern terminus of KY 3062
64.663 104.065 KY 558
65.840 105.959 KY 2063 west Eastern terminus of KY 2063
66.736 107.401 KY 350 south Northern terminus of KY 350
68.552 110.324 KY 829 north Southern terminus of KY 829
69.328 111.573 KY 2546 north Southern terminus of KY 2546
Wayne 71.822 115.586 KY 1009
Susie 74.281 119.544 KY 834 south Western end of KY 834 overlap
74.455 119.824 KY 834 north Eastern end of KY 834 overlap
76.127 122.515 KY 858 east Western terminus of KY 858
77.249 124.320 KY 1546 west Eastern terminus of KY 1546
Monticello 80.742 129.942
KY 90 Bus. east (Albany Road) / KY 3284 north (White Way Inn Road) – Monticello
Western terminus of KY 90 Business route; southern terminus of KY 3284
82.175 132.248 KY 92 (Columbia Avenue) – Monticello
83.862 134.963
KY 90 Bus. west / KY 1275
Eastern terminus of KY 90 Bus.; 90 Bus. to the south, 1275 both ways; Wayne County Airport just northwest of intersection off 1275
Steubenville 86.758 139.623 KY 3106
Touristville 90.408 145.498 KY 1275 south / KY 1619 east Northern terminus of KY 1275; western terminus of KY 1619
90.768 146.077 KY 3282 north Southern terminus of KY 3282
93.291 150.137 KY 1619 west Eastern terminus of KY 1619
Frazer 94.218 151.629 KY 1568 south Northern terminus of KY 1568
Pulaski Bronston 99.228 159.692 KY 790 south Northern terminus of KY 790
BronstonSomerset line 99.437–
Bridge over the Cumberland River
Somerset 100.492 161.726 US 27 north to Cumberland Parkway north / KY 1247 to I-75 – Somerset, Whitley City US 27 is an interchange; KY 90 follows 27 south; 1247 straight ahead
SomersetBurnside line 100.586–
Bridge over the Cumberland River
Burnside 101.420 163.220
KY 2295 Conn. to KY 2295 – General Burnside State Park
101.809 163.846 KY 2294 (French Street)
102.169 164.425 KY 2295 south (East Antioch Avenue) Northern terminus of KY 2295
102.438 164.858 KY 2295 north (West Lakeshore Drive) Southern terminus of KY 2295
104.297 167.850 KY 804 south (Garland Road) Northern terminus of KY 804
105.080 169.110 KY 751 south (Keno Road) Northern terminus of KY 751
McCreary Greenwood 112.402 180.893 KY 2282 north Southern terminus of KY 2282
Parkers Lake 115.090 185.219 US 27 south Eastern/southern end of US 27 concurrency
116.936 188.190 KY 3254 east (Vanover Ridge Road) Western terminus of KY 3254
119.464 192.259 KY 3255 south (North Beerock Road) Northern terminus of KY 3255
120.000 193.121 KY 3257 east (Mill Creek Road) Western terminus of KY 3257
122.092 196.488 KY 896 north (Warman-Bryant Cemetery Road) Southern terminus of KY 896
124.681 200.655 KY 700 west to KY 1045 Eastern terminus of KY 700
Whitley 134.964 217.204
KY 90 Spur east to US 25W south / I-75 south
Short spur. 90E signed to north US 25W/I-75, spur signed to south US 25W/I-75
135.338 217.805 US 25W to I-75
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes[edit]

Glasgow truck route[edit]

Kentucky Route 90 Truck
Location: Glasgow, Kentucky

Kentucky Route 90 Truck is a truck route in Glasgow, Kentucky.

The following is a list of routes that are the component routes of KY 90 Truck:

  • US 31E from the US 68 Business/KY 90 Junction, and
  • Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway between exits 11 and 14.

Additionally, US 68 Truck accompanies this truck route in its entirety.[14]

Monticello business route[edit]

Kentucky Route 90 Business
Location: Monticello
Length: 3.535 mi[1] (5.689 km)

Kentucky Route 90 Business is a business route of KY 90 in Monticello, Kentucky. It was the original route of KY 90 until the regular KY 90 was re-routed to the Monticello By-Pass.[15][16][17]

The entire route is in Wayne County.

Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Monticello 0.000 0.000 KY 90 / KY 3284 west (White Way Inn Road) – Burkesville, Albany, Somerset Western terminus
0.835 1.344 KY 167 south – Mount Pigsah, Pickett State Park and Forest Northern terminus of KY-167
1.264 2.034 KY 92 west (West Columbia Avenue) Western end of KY 92 concurency
1.327 2.136 KY 92 east (Michigan Avenue) – Stearns, Big South Fork N.R.R. Eastern End of KY 92 concurrency
2.868 4.616 KY 1275 south / KY 3106 east Southern end of KY 1275 concurrency
3.535 5.689 KY 90 / KY 1275 north – Burnside, Somerset, Mill Springs, Burkesville, Mill Springs Mill, General Burnside State Park Eastern terminus; Northern end of KY 1275 concurrency; KY 1275 continues straight ahead
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Kentucky Route 90 Spur[edit]

Kentucky Route 90 Spur
Location: Whitley County
Length: 0.318 mi[1] (0.512 km)

Kentucky Route 90 Spur (KY 90S) is a spur route of KY 90 in rural northern Whitley County. Although this route is not signed, the route connects KY 90 with U.S. Route 25W just south of KY 90's eastern terminus east of Cumberland Falls. KY 90S is 0.318 miles (0.512 km) long, and it is said to be the original alignment of KY 90's final 0.374 miles (0.602 km).

Former special routes[edit]

Glasgow alternate route[edit]

Kentucky Route 90 Alternate
Location: Glasgow, Barren County
Length: 2.4 mi[18] (3.9 km)
Existed: 1970s–2000s

In Glasgow, at one time, Alternate KY 90 ran from the US 31E bypass junction with KY 90, continuing as Happy Valley Road, to the intersection with Business Route 31E (North Race Street), and follows the US 31E business route until it reaches the Barren County Courthouse, where KY 90 runs (while being co-signed with US 68 and KY 80, a.k.a. West Main Street). Sometime in the 2000s, that designation was decommissioned. The regular KY 90 became co-signed with US 31E (L. Roger Wells Blvd) from that intersection to the junction with US 68/KY 80, and KY 90 followed US 68 and KY 80 to the Public Square.[19][20][21][22]


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