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Kentucky Wing Civil Air Patrol
Kentucky Wing CAP logo.png
The Kentucky Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary
Associated branches
United States Air Force
Command staff
CommanderUS-O6 insignia.svg Col Darrel D. Williamson
Vice CommanderUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col Robert Sobotka
Command NCOE8a USAF SMSGT.svg SMSgt Micheal C. Felts
Current statistics
Total Membership656
Statistics as of 2016[1]

The Kentucky Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the highest echelon of Civil Air Patrol in the state of Kentucky. Kentucky Wing headquarters are located in Frankfort.[2] The Kentucky Wing consists of over 600 cadet and adult members at over 19 locations across the state of Kentucky.[3]


Lt. Col. Ash Groves briefs members of the Civil Air Patrol Paducah Composite Squadron and Boy Scout Troop 4.

The Kentucky Wing performs the three primary missions of the Civil Air Patrol: providing emergency services; providing a cadet program for youth; and offering aerospace education for both CAP members and the general public.[4]

Emergency services[edit]

Providing emergency services includes performing search and rescue and disaster relief missions; as well as assisting in humanitarian aid assignments. The CAP also provides Air Force support through conducting light transport, communications support, and low-altitude route surveys. The Civil Air Patrol can also offer support to counter-drug missions.[5]

In January 2009, members of the Kentucky Wing, along with CAP members from the Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio Wings, flew sorties surveying damage and boosting communications for the Kentucky National Guard following a severe ice storm, while CAP ground crews assisted National Guardsmen in going door to door to perform wellness checks on residents.[6]

In April 2015, members of the Kentucky Wing were called to assist the Red Cross to help with victims of flooding that occurred in Louisville, Kentucky. In that same month, they supported the Red Cross for 3 days until their assistance was no longer needed.

It may also be noted that members of the Kentucky Wing have been requested by the Governor on several occasions to take surveillance photographs of numerous areas stricken with disasters. These photographs have assisted not only members of the Ground Teams of the Kentucky Wing, but also several other disaster relief teams in knowing where to go first.

Cadet programs[edit]

The Civil Air Patrol offers cadet programs for youth aged 12 to 21. Cadets receive training in aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership.[7]

Aerospace education[edit]

The Civil Air Patrol offers aerospace education for CAP members and the general public; this includes offering training to the members of the CAP, and facilitating teaching workshops for youth through schools and public aviation events.[8]

Kentucky Civil Air Patrol Wing Commanders[edit]

Senior Master Sgt. Les Hart, a moral leadership officer and drill instructor from the 202nd Civil Air Patrol Squadron, Bedford County, Kentucky, orders attendees to attention.
Commander's Name Rank Period of Command Service
Albert H. Near Colonel 1941–1942
Carl W. Ulrich Major 1942
Charles H. Gartrell Major 1942–1943
Howard B. Brown Captain 1943
William S. Rinehart Colonel 1943–1946
Charles E. Hall Colonel 1946–1949
John B. Wathen III Colonel 1949–1953
Francis A. Blevins Colonel 1953–1957
Houston H. Doyle Colonel 1957–1958
Carlos O. Puckett Colonel 1958–1959
James A. Denham Colonel 1959–1961
Francis A. Blevins Colonel 1961–1965
George B. Carter Colonel 1965–1969
Richard R. Dooley Colonel 1969–1971
Charles E. Lynn, Jr. Colonel 1971–1972
John F. Price Colonel 1972–1976
William R. Ritter Colonel 1976–1977
Herman H. Bishop Colonel 1977–1980
Nathaniel L. Tucker Colonel 1980–1982
George M. Hudson Colonel 1982–1986
William K. Hughes Colonel 1986–1991
Denzil Allen Colonel 1991–1994
Douglas N. Huff Colonel 1994–1997
Jimmie W. Cantrell Colonel 1997–1998
Michael A. Cooper Colonel 1998–1999
John F. Price Colonel 1999–2000
Loretta L. Holbrook Colonel 2000–2004
Henry L. Heaberlin Colonel 2004–2009
Robert J. Koob Colonel 2009–2013
James F. Huggins Colonel 2013–2016
David A. Kantor Colonel 2016–2017
Darrel D. Williamson Colonel 2017- Present



Squadrons of the Kentucky Wing[10][11]
Designation Squadron Name Location Notes
KY011 Paducah Composite Squadron Paducah
KY039 Louisville Composite Squadron Crestwood
KY050 Boone County Composite Squadron Walton
KY057 Bowling Green Composite Squadron Bowling Green
KY058 Flying Phoenix Composite Squadron Frankfort
KY073 Campbell County Composite Squadron Newport
KY122 Danville Senior Flight Danville
KY123 KYANG Composite Squadron Louisville
KY131 Bardstown Composite Flight Bardstown
KY214 Bowman Field Senior Squadron Louisville
KY216 Fort Campbell Composite Squadron Clarksville
KY221 Bluegrass Senior Squadron Lexington
KY222 Van Meter Cadet Squadron Lexington
KY223 Owensboro Composite Squadron Owensboro
KY300 Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron Bowling Green

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