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Kenwood is a neighborhood in Duluth, Minnesota, United States.

Kenwood Avenue and Arrowhead Road are two of the main routes in the community.


Businesses located in Kenwood's small business district include a grocery store, an automotive service shop, restaurants, and several other local businesses.

Chester Creek flows through the Kenwood neighborhood.

City bus routes providing service to Kenwood include the following:

  • #18 (UMD / CSS)
  • #12 (Kenwood)
  • #13 and 13U (UMD–Woodland)
  • #11 and #11K (East 8th–UMD).[1]

Adjacent neighborhoods[edit]

(Directions following those of Duluth's general street grid system, not actual geographical coordinates)

Coordinates: 46°49′46″N 92°08′10″W / 46.8295°N 92.1362°W / 46.8295; -92.1362[2]


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