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Kenya National Archives
Lascar Kenya National Archives building (4540823420).jpg
KNADS building.
Kenya National Archives is located in Kenya
Kenya National Archives
General information
AddressMoi Avenue
Town or cityNairobi

Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services (KNADS) is situated at the edge of the central business district in downtown Nairobi along Moi Avenue next to Ambassadeur Hotel.[1] The archives look out on the landmark Hilton Hotel, while on the rear side is Tom Mboya street.[2] It was established in 1965.[3] It holds 40,000 volumes.[4] It was established by an Act of the Parliament of Kenya in 1965 and was placed under the office of the Vice President and the Minister of Home Affairs. It is currently under the office of the Vice-President and State Department for National Heritage and Culture.[5] The Kenya National Archives building also houses the Murumbi Gallery which contains African artifacts that were collected in the 19th century.[6]

Murumbi Gallery[edit]

The gallery is situated at the ground floor of the Kenya National Archives building and it is named after Joseph Murumbi, who was the second vice president of Kenya. It is currently the largest Pan-African art gallery in Africa and it contains ancient art collections from different regions and communities of Africa. The collected artifacts were acquired by the government of Kenya after a concessionary arrangement was agreed upon with Joseph Murumbi, who had initially turned down several huge offers to buy his collections by overseas bidders.[7]

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List of directors:[3]

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