Kenya Ports Authority

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Kenya Ports Authority
Agency overview
Formed 1978
Jurisdiction Government of Kenya
Headquarters Mombasa Island
Mombasa, Kenya
Agency executives
Parent agency Kenya Ministry of Transport
Website Homepage

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is a state corporation with the responsibility to "maintain, operate, improve and regulate all scheduled seaports" on the Indian Ocean coastline of Kenya, including principally Kilindini Harbour at Mombasa. Other KPA ports include Lamu, Malindi, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Kiunga, Shimoni, Funzi and Vanga.


The headquarters of KPA are located off of Mbaraki Road, in the Mbaraki neighborhood, on Mombasa Island, in Mombasa, on the Kenyan Indian Ocean coast.[3] The coordinates of the headquarters of Kenya Ports Authority are 04°04'13.0"S, 39°39'52.0"E (Latitude:-4.070267; Longitude:39.664452).[4]


The KPA was established in 1978 through an act of Parliament.[5]


Kenya Ports Authority is an investor in Kenya National Shipping Line, a state corporation of Kenya formed in 1989, currently owned by KPA and three non-Kenyan corporate investos.[6]

In 1989, the government of Kenya brought together the operation and regulation of existing ferry services, including the Likoni Ferry service at Likoni, Mombasa, into one subsidiary of the KPA, Kenya Ferry Services. The subsidiary was devolved to the status of an independent Kenya state corporation in 1998, 20 percent owned by KPA and 80 percent owned by other Kenyan Government entities.[7]

KPA also owns various sports teams, including Kenyan Premier League team Bandari FC and a leading women's basketball club.

In August 2014, Kenya Ports Authority signed a deal worth US$478 million with China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) for the construction of three Port Lamu berths. The three new berths will form part of the US$24 billion Lamu Port and Lamu-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) and take Port Lamu's berth count to 29 upon completion.[8]

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