Keo Koumane

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Keo Koumane
King of Lan Xang
PredecessorNakhon Noi
SuccessorVorouvongsa II
Regnal name
Samdach Brhat Vora Ratana Dharmapasuta Sethakassa Atsanachandra Suvarna Samudhi Khakharattanasara Raja Bupati
DynastyKhun Lo
Motherdaughter of Sen Soulintha
ReligionTherevada Buddhism

Keo Koumane, or Nu Muang Kaeva Kumara, Nokeo Koumane was born No Muong (Phragna Nakorn-Noi No Muang Keo Koumane) (?–1596) was King of Lan Xang reigning from 1571 till 1572 and from 1591 till 1596. He was the son of King Sai Setthathirath I by his wife, a daughter of King Sen Soulintha.[1]

In 1571 he was proclaimed on the disappearance of his father and reigned under the regency of his maternal grandfather, Sen Soulintha. In 1572 he was deposed by him. In 1575 was taken prisoner by the Burmese and sent to Burma.

He was released from captivity by King Nanda Bayin of Toungoo Dynasty and returned to Vientiane. He was crowned at Vientiane in 1591. He declared his state's independence from the Burmese in 1593, but suffered several attacks from them throughout his reign.

He died in 1596 without having any issues.


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Preceded by
Nakhon Noi
King of Lan Xang
Succeeded by
Voravongsa II