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Keo Temple

Keo Temple (Vietnamese: Chùa Keo, Chinese: 神光寺) is a Buddhist temple in Vũ Thư District, Thái Bình Province, Vietnam. The temple was commenced in 1061 under the Lý Dynasty near the Red River.

The pagoda was dedicated in the 1130s to the monk Nguyễn Minh Không (vi:Lý Quốc Sư) by emperor Lý Thần Tông after the monk cured his leprosy.[1][2]


  1. ^ The History of Buddhism in Vietnam - Page 92 Tài Thư Nguyễn - 2008 "Both Dai Viet Su Ky Toan Thu and Thien Uyen Tap Anh tell of monk Minh Khong, who after having successfully cured the King Ly Than Tong, was allowed to charge rent and tax two hundred families and was exempted from having to pay rent .."
  2. ^ Lonely Planet Vietnam 186 Nick Ray, Peter Dragicevich, Regis St. Louis - 2007 "THAI BINH pop 105,000 As it's not on Hwy 1A, few travellers get a taste of Thai Binh. The only real sight of interest is the nearby 12th-century Keo Pagoda. It was built to honour both the Buddha and the monk Khong Minh Khong, who miraculously cured Emperor Ly Thanh Ton (r 1128–38) of leprosy. The finely carved wooden ......"

Coordinates: 20°21′38″N 106°17′50″E / 20.36056°N 106.29722°E / 20.36056; 106.29722