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The Western club of Keokuk, Iowa, or Keokuk Westerns, was a professional baseball team in the National Association in 1875, the last season of that first professional league. It is considered a major league team by those who count the NA as a major league.

In 1875, the NA entry fee was $20 for one championship season. The Westerns won one of 13 games (1-12 record) before going out of business. For 1876, stronger clubs in bigger cities, led by the Chicago White Stockings, organized the National League on a different basis, chiefly in order to exclude weaker clubs from smaller cities such as Keokuk.

The Westerns were managed by Joe Simmons and played their home games at Perry Park. Their top hitter was catcher Paddy Quinn, who went 14-for-43 for a batting average of .326.

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