Keoti Falls

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Keoti Falls pankaj patel jamui
Keoti falls in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.jpg
Location Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Coordinates 24°48′58″N 81°27′11″E / 24.816°N 81.453°E / 24.816; 81.453
Type Segmented
Total height 98 metres (322 ft)
Number of drops 1
Watercourse Bihad River, a tributary of Tamsa or Tons River

Keoti Falls (also spelt Kevti) is in Rewa district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the 24th highest waterfall in India.[1]

The Falls[edit]

The Keoti Falls is on the Mahana River, a tributary of Tamsa or Tons River as it comes down from the Rewa Plateau. It has a total height of 98 metres (322 ft).[2][3] World Waterfall Database puts the height of the waterfall at 130 metres (430 ft).[4] It is a segmented type waterfall with a single drop.[4]

Knick point, also called a nick point or simply nick, represents breaks in slopes in the longitudinal profile of a river caused by rejuvenation. The break in channel gradient allows water to fall vertically giving rise to a waterfall. Keoti Falls is an example of a nick point caused by rejuvenation.[5]


It is situated 46 kilometres (29 mi) from Rewa District, at the edge of the Chitrakoot Hills, a part of the Kaimur Range.[6]

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