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Observation data
Epoch       Equinox
Constellation Cygnus
Right ascension 19h 34m 58s
Declination +44° 26′ 54″
Apparent magnitude (V) 12
Spectral type Class G
Distance 400 ly
Radius 0.73±0.15 R
Temperature 5143 (± 70) K
Metallicity -0.08 (± 0.13)

Kepler-78 (formerly known as KIC 8435766) is a 12th magnitude star in the constellation Cygnus.[1] This star has a radius 27% smaller than the Sun, and a temperature of 5143K.

Planetary system[edit]

Artist impression of Kepler-78b.

Kepler-78 planetary system is composed by one planet called Kepler-78b, a planet slightly bigger than Earth with an extremely close orbit to the parent star. The orbital period of this planet is about 8.5 hours because of its proximity


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