Kepler Launch Site

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Launch of a small rocket with 350 meters flight altitude at Kepler Launch Site

Kepler Launch Site is a site for the launch of low and medium power model rockets south of Weil der Stadt in Germany at 48°44′23″N 8°51′44″E / 48.73972°N 8.86222°E / 48.73972; 8.86222. Kepler Launch Site, which is named in honor of the astronomer Johannes Kepler born in 1571 in Weil der Stadt, was founded in 2001 on the area of a former site of midsummer fire celebrations, which was abandoned a few years ago. From Kepler Launch Site rockets with maximum altitudes up to 3 kilometers can be launched.

Kepler Launch Site is the favorite launch area for model rocket enthusiasts in the Stuttgart area.