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Kepler Museum, Karlova str. No 4, Prague Old Town

Kepler Museum in Prague was founded in the International Year of Astronomy, 2009 thanks to the generosity of the owner of the museum's premises Mrs. Jitka Steinwaldová, the professional and organizational support of the Czech Astronomic Society and the Agentura ProVás, and the financial support of the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague and the Agentura ProVás.

The three circles in the logo of the Kepler Museum represent the planet Mars, the Earth, and the Sun. These are the bodies whose mutual positions were studied by Kepler in Prague.

The entrance tickets to the Museum will surprise visitors as they will feature the astronomic dial of the Prague Astronomical Clock with the exact moment of entry to the Museum. The same datum will also be expressed in the Old Bohemian and in the Babylonian manner. The sidereal time will be included, as well. The author of the original entrance ticket is CEO of the Agentura ProVás, Mr. Vojtěch Sedláček.

Kepler Museum Opening. His Eminence Miloslav Vlk and Vojtěch Sedláček (right)

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