Keppel Bay

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Keppel Bay
Rosslyn Bay Harbour.jpg
Boats anchored at Rosslyn Bay Harbour, on Keppel Bay
Location Central Queensland
Coordinates 23°23′S 150°53′E / 23.383°S 150.883°E / -23.383; 150.883[1]
River sources Fitzroy River
Ocean/sea sources Coral Sea
Basin countries Australia

Keppel Bay is a broad bay in Central Queensland, Australia at the mouth of the Fitzroy River. Cape Keppel is at the Eastern end of the bay.

The bay and the nearby Keppel Islands (part of Keppel Bay Islands National Park) were named by Captain Cook when he was there on 27 May 1770, after Admiral Augustus Keppel of the British Royal Navy.[2]


Keppel Bay & Curtis Island

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