Department of Forests and Wildlife (Kerala)

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Department of Forests and Wildlife of State of Kerala
കേരള വനം വന്യജീവി വകുപ്പ്
Vana Vanyajeevi Vakuppu
Agency overview
Formed 1888
Jurisdiction Kerala
Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram
Minister responsible
  • K. Raju, Minister for Forests and Wildlife, Zoos & Animal Husbandry
A board of Kerala Forest Department Periyar Tiger Reserver, Peerumed

Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department is a law enforcement agency for the state of Kerala, India. Over 75% of the landarea of Kerala was covered by forests uptill even the 18th century.The department concerns on the entity of the human beings with the survival of each species in its habitat. It conserves 10,336 km2 of forests forming 29.101% of the total geographic area of the state.[1]

The headquarters of Kerala Forest Department is located at Vazhuthacaud, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It also hosts the Forest Central Library Thiruvananthapuram which even the public can access.

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