Kerala Kalamandalam

Coordinates: 10°44′15″N 76°16′38″E / 10.737598°N 76.277087°E / 10.737598; 76.277087
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Kerala Kalamandalam
കേരള കലാമണ്ഡലം
A view of Koothambalam at Kerala Kalamandalam
Former name
Kerala Kalamandalam
MottoDesign a strong system of education in the traditional way imbibing the spirit of enlightenment of the new age
Established1930 (1930)
FounderVallathol Narayana Menon
ChancellorDr. Mallika Sarabhai[1]
Vice-ChancellorProf. Dr B Ananthakrishnan
Location, ,
10°44′15″N 76°16′38″E / 10.737598°N 76.277087°E / 10.737598; 76.277087
NicknameKerala Kalamandalam
Vallathol Samadhi
Old Campus now used as the P.G.campus

Kerala Kalamandalam, deemed to be University of Art and Culture by the Government of India, is a major center for learning Indian performing arts, especially those that developed in the Southern states of India, with the special emphasis on Kerala. It is situated in the small town of Cheruthuruthi in Thrissur, Thrissur District on the banks of the Bharathapuzha river.


The inception of Kalamandalam gave a second life to three major classical dance performing arts of Kerala as Kathakali, Kudiyattam and Mohiniyattam were, by the turn of the 20th century, facing the threat of extinction under various regulations of the colonial authorities.[2] It was at this juncture, in 1927, that Vallathol Narayana Menon and Mukunda Raja came forward and formed a society called Kerala Kalamandalam. They solicited donations from the public and conducted a lottery in order to raise funds for this society.[3] Kerala Kalamandalam was inaugurated in November 1930 at Kunnamkulam, Kakkad, and was later shifted to the village of Cheruthuruthy, just south of Shoranur, in 1936. The Maharaja of Cochin donated land and a building. Subsequently, a dance department was started to revive Mohiniyattom.[4] </ref> Kerala Kalamandalam has been functioning as a grant-in-aid institution under the Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Kerala. In 2006, the Kalamandalam was accorded the status of 'Deemed University for Art and Culture' by the Government of India. In 2010, University Grants Commission (India) has given 'A' category status for Kerala Kalamandalam. Kalamandalam is the only deemed university in Kerala state accorded the prestigious status.[5]

Visits by prime ministers[edit]

The first Prime Minister to visit Kerala Kalamandalam is Jawaharlal Nehru in 1955 for the Silver Jubilee of the Kerala Kalamandalam. Indira Gandhi was the second Prime Minister to visit Kerala Kalamandalam in 1980 and V. P. Singh in 1990. Manmohan Singh is the fourth Prime Minister to visit Kerala Kalamandalam in September 2012.[6][7]


Kalamandalam imparts training in classical dance and theatre forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kudiyattam, Thullal, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, and Nangiar Koothu, besides the traditional orchestra called Panchavadyam. Training is also given in various percussion instruments like chenda, maddalam and mizhavu. Kalamandalam follows the gurukula sampradayam, the ancient Indian education system based on residential tutelage. Kalamandalam was conceived to provide training to its students in the Gurukula Sampradaya, an ancient tradition of residential schooling where students stayed with the teachers. The first vice chancellor of kerala kalamandalam was K G Paulose (2007) and the last chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam was O.N.V.Kurup. Present vice chancellor is M V Narayanan.

Former chairpersons[edit]

The following is a list of Chairpersons/Vice chancellors of Kerala kalamandalam.

Chairman/Vice chancellor Period
Vallathol Narayana Menon 1930- 1958
Komattil Achyutha Menon 1959 - 1961
K. N. Pisharody 1962- 1967
M. K. K. Nair 1967 -1971
D. H. Nambudirippad 1971 -1976
K. M. Kannanmpally 1976 -1978
Olappamanna Subrahmanyan Namboodirippad 1978 -1984
T. B. M. Nedungadi 1984 - 1987
K. V. Kochaniyan 1987 - 1991
Olappamanna Subramanyan Namboodirippad 1991 -1993
V. S. Sarma 1993 -1996
O. N. V. Kurup 1996 -2001
V. R. Prabodhachandran Nayar 2001 -2006
O. N. V. Kurup 2006 - 2007
Dr. K. G. Paulose 2007 - 2010
Dr. J. Prasad 2010 - 2011
Shri. P.N. Suresh 2011 - 2016
Dr. M.C. Dileep Kumar 2016 - 2017
Smt. Rani George IAS 2017 - 2018
Dr. T.K. Narayanan 2018 - 2022
Dr. M.V. Narayanan 2022 - 2023
Dr. B. Ananthakrishnan 2023 -

The Government of India, on the advice of the University Grants Commission declared Keralakalamandalam as deemed University as per order No. F9 -11/99 U3 dated 14-03-2006. The Government of Kerala approved the Memorandum of Association and Rules and subsequently the title "Chairman" was substituted by "Vice-Chancellor" (since 2007)

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