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Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) is an autonomous body constituted by the Government of Kerala in November 2002 to encourage and promote science and technology-related activities in Kerala State.[1] Prior to the establishment of KSCSTE, the body responsible for carrying out similar work was the State Committee for Science, Technology and Environment (STEC) established in 1972. KSCSTE was formed by restructuring STEC in concurrence with the Science Policy of Government of India.[1]

Based in Thiruvananthapuram, KSCSTE is running seven R&D centres in different parts of Kerala. It has several programmes like Coastal Zone Management, Science Popularisation and Women Scientists Cell to promote its objectives. The Council coordinates the state-level activities in connection with the observances of the National Science Day, National Technology Day and World Environment Day. It has instituted three awards: Vasudev Award, Science Literature Awards and Young Scientists Award which are presented annually. Every year KSCSTE also organises the Kerala Science Congress and Children's Science Congress.[1]

The apex body of KSCSTE is the State Council with Chief Minister of Kerala as the president. The chief executive officer of the Council is Executive Vice President.[1]

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